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Knee Belt - Large 9" W x 43" L

Price: $38.00
Knee Belt - Large 9" W x 43" L
Knee Belt - Large 9" W x 43" L
The Rainbow® Knee Belt is used to control unsafe kicking movements.  We are pleased to announce the latest improvements to the knee belt.

It is now made of a water-resistant nylon exterior that is easier to clean and less likely to get tangled with other materials.  The interior is soft to the touch and comfortable against the patient’s skin.  The Large size is 9" by 43".

The color of the belt is a vibrant purple that complements the colors of the Rainbow® Wrap and enhances the friendly look of the entire stabilizing system.  

One Knee Belt comes with the purchase of a Rainbow® Wrap.  This item is listed as an additional or replacement Knee Belt.

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